The spa filter is one of the most essential components of your hot tub.

Ultimately, its main duty is to keep the water clean and up to the high-quality set of standards that Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs maintains. Although the filter is designed to help you take care of the water, you still need to maintain it as well to ensure that it’s always functioning at peak performance.

Read on to find out more what you can do to ensure that your spa filter is operating efficiently and enhance the longevity of the filter. 


Cleaning your hot tub filters regularly is extremely important.

You’d be surprised at how quickly they accumulate dirt and debris over time. Dirty filters can lead to damage or wear and tear on the rest of your system. Since the filters won’t be catching as much debris, this can put stress on the rest of your system and leave the water quite dirty.

Many hot tub owners find that cleaning their filters 1-4 times a month offers the best results. But of course, every hot tub user is different. The amount of cleaning you will need to do depends on several factors.

For instance:

  •         How often you use your hot tub
  •          The quality of your filters
  •          The age of your filters and/or hot tub
  •          How clean you keep your spa
  •          Environment/weather

These factors can impact how quickly your spa water will get dirty and just how dirty it will get. To get an idea of how often you should clean your filters, constantly check the quality of the water and clean your filters once a week. If you find that the water isn’t incredibly dirty and that the filters are quite clean, switch to once every two weeks, and then to once a month.


A weekly hot tub filter cleaning routine usually just consists of rinsing the filters with a garden hose. Some who use their hot tubs more frequently like to rinse their filters at the end of each day. There is no harm in rinsing off filters as frequently as you can, since taking care of them will prolong their lifespan and functionality over time.

Every 2-3 months you should aim to give your filters a deep cleaning. While a quarterly routine is a little more extensive, it gives you a chance to make sure you really get all the debris out and ensure that your filter is working efficiently. This may include:

  •          Rinsing
  •          Soaking in chemicals
  •          Allowing to dry
  •          Replacing with a back-up filter

Checking your filters on a regular basis will provide you with a regular opportunity to check the quality and see if they need to be replaced. 


There are many useful hot tub cleaning products that are specifically aimed at cleaning your spa filter. Such items are designed to take care of hot tub filters, which is why it’s crucial that you avoid using common household chemicals when cleaning your spa.

Such chemicals might not be suitable for hot tub cleaning procedures, and as a consequence, may affect the safety or quality of the water, and can even damage your hot tub system completely.

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