When to Replace a Hot Tub Cover

When to Replace a Hot Tub Cover
Note: Due to a significant increase in demand, hot tub covers require long lead times: often 3-6 months. This is true with all manufacturers. Beware of promises to do better (unless the cover is already in stock).

Give us a call if you need a new cover immediately: 1-855-873-3882.

Canadian winters are cold, and insulating your hot tub is essential to keeping operating costs low. Using an old hot tub cover can cost you money, but when should you upgrade to a new cover? If you wonder if it might be time to upgrade your cover, here are the absolute tell-tale signs that you should put your order in now.

Your cover is heavy. 

Hot tub covers have a foam core that traps in warm air and provides insulation from the cold. However, hot tub covers become heavy when that foam core is water-logged, and this dramatically reduces the insulation effect. While the foam core is wrapped in a plastic vapour barrier, it breaks down over time. When water seeps in, it causes rapid heat loss because water conducts heat (away from your hot tub) 30x faster than air.

Aside from draining heat from your hot tub, a heavy cover is difficult to move, can cause damage to your cover lifter, and will eventually be heavy enough it will crack into pieces. It's best to replace a cover sooner rather than later to prevent damage and to recoup electricity savings to help offset the cost of a new one.

Your cover is "cupped"

Your cover is designed to sit directly on top of the hot tub shell and create a seal to help hold heat in. Over time, as covers become misshapen, water pools on the top of one or both sides. This is known as a "cupped cover" and indicates that the edges of the cover bend upward and the seal to keep heat in is broken. Even if you cannot see a gap between the shell and the cover, the wind will likely lift it slightly, allowing heat out. Eventually, the corners will show a pronounced lift, and you will be heating the great outdoors!

While there is no "absolute best time" to order a new cover, the sooner you replace a cover exhibiting these tell-tale signs of age, the more money you will save on electricity. The money you save will help to offset the cost of a new cover.

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