Spa Boss Spa Tabs from $22.40
Note: Chlorine tablets are damaging to hot tubs and may void your warranty. It is recommended that this product not be used in hot tubs. It is safer and better to use granules (How much chlorine do I use?)   SpaBoss Spa Tabs are used for sanitation and controlling bacteria and algae in water. Chlorine tablets are simply placed in a floating tablet dispenser to maintain the recommended chlorine residual. Two packs of 2kg for $54.95! Size: 800mg, 2kg
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Spa Boss Spa Clear $9.90
SpaBoss Spa Clear is a non-toxic formula that adds brilliance back to spa water and restores water clarity. Spa Clear reduces the amount of suspended particles in the water and when used regularly, will reduce chlorine demand. This product should not affect pH readings and should not be used as a sanitizer. Initial Dosage: When the spa has sufficient water, turn on the filtering equipment. Add ½ oz. of Spa Clear per 250 gallons. Do not turn off filter for at least 2 hours. Weekly Maintenance: Add ½ oz. of Spa Clear per 250 gallons of water.  
Spa Boss Cal-rise $12.95
Keeping calcium hardness stable and in balance is one of the three important water-balancing steps. If your spa water has low calcium hardness, you can expect problems with corrosion of metal surfaces, such as pipes, filters, heat exchangers, underwater lights, metal screws, and hardware. That’s where SpaBoss Cal Rise comes in, as it raises the calcium hardness in spa water and is completely soluble in water.
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Spa Boss Alka Rise $8.00
SpaBoss Alka Rise SpaBoss Alka Rise helps to raise the total alkalinity and increase disinfectant efficiency in your spa and hot tub water.  This SpaBoss product will prevent erratic changes in the pH level in your spa water and prevent any pH Bounce.  If the total Alkalinity is tested low, add Alka-Rise directly to the spa / hot tub water according to the following table. Total Alkalinity: Add Alka-Rise per 250 gallons of spa water: 120-150 None 85 1 ounce 70 2 ounces 55 3 ounces 40 5 ounces 25 7 ounces Size: 1.5lbs
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Spa Boss Brominating G... $21.00
Warning: Do not use this product with ozonation.Warning: Do not use this product with ultraviolet (UV).Spa Boss Brominating Granules is a high-quality one step bromine sanitizer for hot tubs. Bromine granules are quick-dissolving, soluble and provide effective bromine sanitization.  Bromine is an alternative for Chlorine. Bromine is can be used over a wider range of pH levels and is more forgiving of many water balance issues.   The bromine level in your spa should be maintained between 3-5ppm.  Size: 700g
Spa Boss X-It $10.00
SpaBoss X-It will eliminate both chlorine and bromine residual in the water.  If an excessive chemical has built up in the water, X-It will reduce the ppm.  Use X-It when switching your disinfectant (eg. Chlorine to Bromine, Bromine to Chlorine). Size: 200g
Spa Boss Chlor-Aid $21.05
Spa Boss Chlor-Aid is a stabilized granular chlorine for Hot Tubs and Spas. SpaBoss Chlor Aid is 100% Sodium Dichlor. This powerful sanitizer is fast dissolving and completely soluble which can be used for both regular daily chlorination as well as super chlorination. Chlorine kills all forms of bacteria and algae in Hot Tub water and starts to disinfect immediately. Chlor-Aid does not affect pH or total alkalinity nor promote scale build-up. Size: 800g
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Spa Boss Brominating Tabs $32.40
Warning: Do not use this product with ozonation.Warning: Do not use this product with ultraviolet (UV). Spa Boss Brominating Tab controls bacteria & algae in spa waters. Bromine tabs disinfect and oxidize foreign matter from pool or spa water and destroy bacteria and algae. Bromine tabs have less odour than chlorine and will not cause eye or skin irritation to most bathers. Bromine tabs also work at a wider range of pH levels than chlorine does, making it a more popular choice for hot tubs. Tabs require water flow to dissolve and should be placed in a floating dispenser and should not make direct contact with the spa or bleaching can occur. In most cases, a level of 3-5 ppm of bromine should be maintained on a daily basis. Size: 700g
The Beach Glass from $17.99
Bold, Elegant & Evolutionary- Made of durable, machine-washable, BPA-Free acrylic, The Beach Glass. patented ball and stem design holds the glass upright in sand, grass and snow. The glass makes for a wonderful conversation piece and can add a touch of elegance and innovation to that special event on the beach, outdoor concert or on the slopes. And they float!   The Beach Glass floating wine glass was created as a reusable drinkware alternative to enhance the shared outdoor experience and forever replace those unsightly, disposable plastic and styrofoam cups that litter our beaches and parks.
The Wine Hook $11.99
The wine hook easily clips on chairs, tables or hot tub filters. Available in Black, Pink and Red colour 
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SpaBoss Prevent II $24.50
SpaBoss Prevent II is used to get rid of staining and scaling in your hot tub and prevents it from building up in the first place.

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