Pre-Filter: First Step Clean-N-Fill
Pre-Filter: First Step... $64.95
A filter that is connected to the garden hose. It provides an exclusive filtration process (5-stages) through the use of resins that promote ion exchange to produce clear water. The filter is good for three fills each.
Replacement filter for pool
Filter: PWW50P3 $59.95
Replacement filter for pool. Antimicrobial end caps resist chlorine degradation and provide support to filter material for a longer life spa. 7-5/8-by-1-1/2-inches SAE with handle
Nordic Hot Tub Filter
Filter: 35" for Nordic... $80.80
A functioning hot tub filter is essential to maintaining water clarity. If you need a new hot tub filter for your Nordic hot tub please review the specifications below:  Diameter: 5" Length: 8 1/2" Top Hole: Handle  Bottom Hole: 1 1/2" Female SAE 35 sq.ft. Filter: 4-55-m40355
J-400 Filter cartridge
Filter: 6473-158 for J... $97.95
ProClarity 50 sq feet Filter Cartridge Designed for Performance REEMAY®  cartridge lasts up to 18 months Works with ProClarity Disposable Depth Load Cartridge (6473-161) and ProClarity Filter Canister (6473-160) Compatibility: J-465, J-470, J-480 Series (2012+)
Sundance Spas Filter For Your Hot Tub Filters for Your Sundance Hot Tub
Filter: 6540-502 for S... $29.95
Diameter: 7-3/4" Top: 4-7/8" ; Bottom: 4-7/8" Equivalent Filters: FC-2812 Fits all 2002 to 2005 850 Series Spas, all 2011 to 2013+ Select Series Spas and all 2013+ 780 Series Spas Replaced 6540-089
Jacuzzi J-460
Filter: 2540-384 for J... $62.95
ProClear II Filter Cartridge  Designed for Performance REEMAY®  cartridge lasts up to 18 months This FIlter fits underneath the ProPolish Bag in the J-460 Jet Pump 1 Filter Compatibility: J-460 2012
Filter: ProClarity Fil... $21.95
ProClarity Filter Canister & Pin Designed for Performance Replacement ProClarity Filter Canister and Pin To be used with ProClarity Disposable Depth Load Cartridge (6473-161) Compatibility: J-415, J-425, J-460, J-465, J-470, J-480, J-495 Series (2012+) Jacuzzi SKU: 6473-159 and 6473-160
Jacuzzi LX Series Filter
Filter: 6540-188 for J... $24.95
Skimmer Weir Filter Designed for Performance Water surface skimmer that fits in the filter weir Soaks up any surface oil or grease Compatibility: J-LX and J-LXL series (2011+)
Microclean Filter Cartridge
Filter: 6540-501 Sunda... $89.95
Diameter: 8" Length: 14" Top: Closed with SAE ; Bottom: 2-1/2" Equivalent Filters: FC-2810, C-8380, PSD85-2002, 18007 2002 to 2005 850 Series Spas 2013+ Select Spas, 2013+ 780 Spas
Jacuzzi hot tub filter for J-460 and J-465
Filter: 2000-498 for J... $94.95
Replacement filter cartridges are available for sale for the J-460 and J-465 models. Filter specifications are below:  2000-498 Jacuzzi® ProClear II Filter Cartridge, 2006+, Diameter: 6", Length: 13-1/2" J-460: 2006 - 2011 J-465: January 2007 - April 2007
Pleatco Filter for Your Hot Tub Model
Filter: PWW50L $39.95
The replacement filter can be used with Unicel 4CH-949, Pleatco PWW50L and Filbur FC-0172. Diameter is 5.0"Length is 13 1/16" which does not include handleTop Hole: HandleBottom Hole: 1-1/2" FEMALE SAE Threaded (threads measure slightly larger inside diameter)
Filter Caps
Filter Caps $4.95
Filter caps are available to order online. These filter caps are compatible with filters 6000-383AJ 
 Sundance Spas Microclean Ultra Inner Core Sundance Spas Microclean
Filter: 6473-164 Sunda... $84.95
Sundance Spas Microclean Ultra Inner Filter Cartridge, 6473-164 Diameter: 5.63" Length: 18.74" Top: 4 3/16" OD Open Bottom: 5.63" OD 2016+ 980 Spas, 2009+ Sundance 800 Spas
Sundance Spas MicroClean Filter
Filter: 6473-165 Sunda... $134.95
Sundance MicroClean Filter Ultra Outer Core Only Diameter: 8.42" Length: 19.82" Top: 2 3/16" OD Slip Top Bottom: 4 7/16" Open Whole Bottom Part number 6473-165S 2016+ 980 Spas, 2009+ Sundance 880 Spas.  
Sold out
Sundance Spa 880 Series Filter Sundance Spas Filter Replacement Hot Tub Filter Replacement for Sundance
Filter: 6541-397 Sunda... $209.95
Height: 19" Diameter: 8.42" Hole:2.5" Inner Filter: Height: 18.74", Diameter 5.63" Used On:Altamar®, 2009+Aspen®, 2012-presentCameo®, 2009Capri®, 2009+Majesta, 2009+Marin®, 2009+Maxxus®, 2009+Optima®, 2009+

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