Jacuzzi Brominating Granules 700 g


Jacuzzi Brominating Granules 700 g

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Warning: Do not use this product with ozonation.
Warning: Do not use this product with ultraviolet (UV).

Sanitize your hot tub with Jacuzzi brand brominating granules.

Jacuzzi Brand Brominating Granules provide effective sanitation as a soluble, quick-dissolving oxidation treatment. Promoting water clarity, eliminating odours and organic waste such as body oils and cosmetic products.  

Bromine is an alternative for Chlorine and can be used over a wider range of pH levels making it more forgiving in balancing water chemistry.   

Each capful holds approximately 18 g of Brominating Granules.

The bromine level in your spa should be maintained between 3-5 ppm.

Ideal spa pH: 7.2-7.8

Ideal spa Alkalinity: 100 - 150 ppm 

Size: 700 g 

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