Having the right hot tub cover is crucial to your hot tub maintenance and efficiency. At hottubstore.ca we can custom make any cover for almost any brand or model. Choosing the right cover for your hot tub is dependant on the cover taper you require. All our covers have a taper for snow, rain and debris to slide off. 

Basic: 3"-2"

A basic taper can be used in milder climates or for indoor hot tubs. Heat retention with a thinner hot tub cover can be more difficult in colder climates or outdoor tubs. 

Good: 4"-3"

A good taper of 4"-3" is ideally used for hot tubs located under a deck or gazebo. With a good heat retention ability but not ideal for heavy snow or rain. 

Better: 5"-4"

The 5"-4" cover can withstand heavy snow, rain or extremely cold conditions. This cover can hold the weight of an average person. If you have children or animals who might end up on your tub, a cover at least 5" is the ideal. 

Best: 6"-4" 

The best cover can retain the most amount of heat, even in the coldest of days and withstand the most amount of snow, even in the most mind-boggling amounts! A 6"-4" cover is sturdy enough to handle whatever mother nature throws at you. 

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Covers

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