Cover Delays

Cover Delays
This past year has been a struggle -- and we all hoped 2021 would be a new chapter. And in many ways, it has been. Hot tubs are being built faster as the industry has retooled and increased capacity. Many of the services we all have needed have been reopened (and closed and opened again).

2020 represented big growth and HUGE challenges in the hot tub industry. We've seen some amazing changes with companies like Jacuzzi and Sundance who have ramped up production to ensure supply lines are shortened and lead times are reduced.

2021 represents yet another year of challenge and opportunity as aftermarket and OEM part suppliers build their capacity to meet the growing demand of backyard staycationers.

Currently, one of the hottest commodities is hot tub covers. Demand has soared, and all vendors are experiencing delays. HST Synthetics, the largest supplier of hot tub covers in Ontario, expects most covers to be ready in approximately nine weeks (compared to their pre-Covid lead time of 4-6 weeks). HST Synthetics is the primary supplier of aftermarket vinyl hot tub covers in Ontario. To prevent longer waits, be wary of companies offering unrealistic lead times (or even "normal" lead times).

For ProLast Covers, manufacturers have communicated that lead times are upwards of one year. We suspect this will change in the future, but if you need a ProLast Cover (especially for your highback Jacuzzi hot tubs), ordering early is wise.

We suggest that Jacuzzi owners with the highback waterfalls order the ProLast Covers as the custom-made vinyl covers are not a good fit. While some companies may offer to sell you a vinyl aftermarket cover, we do not recommend it (and we won't sell them because of the quality issue).

This year the rule of thumb for hot tub covers is: order early! But if you are in a pinch, call us and see what we have in stock (we have almost 200).

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