How to Measure Your Hot Tub Cover

How to Measure Your Hot Tub Cover
Updated on 10/20/2022 by Nathan Bull

Taking accurate measurements of your hot tub when looking to purchase a new cover is crucial to ensuring your hot tub cover has the best fit. A poor-fitting hot tub cover will reduce heat retention, costing you more in electricity.


We're here to help you take the proper steps in measuring your hot tub, so when you're ready to order a cover, you'll get the best fit. In this guide, you'll find instructions on measuring the most common shapes of hot tubs.


What you'll need

  • A measuring tape
  • A carpenter's square or two rulers


Tip: Don't measure your old hot tub cover. Your cover can shrink and warp over years of use and may not be an accurate measurement of its original size. If the dimensions you take are too small, your new cover may not fit, and you'll be out another cover.


Steps to measuring a hot tub cover

  1. Measure the length and width
  2. Measure the corner/radius (if applicable)
  3. Measure the skirt


Square or Rectangle

Length and width

Measure the length and width across the widest parts of your hot tub using a tape measure. Add 1 inch to each of those measurements. If your hot tub has rounded corners, you'll also need to take a corner/radius measurement. If your hot tub doesn't have rounded corners, you can skip this next step and go straight to measuring the skirt.


Corner or Radius

Measuring the corner or radius of a hot tub is often what people are most concerned about getting wrong. It's not as difficult as it may sound, and we'll give you pointers on how to make it a breeze.


First, imagine your hot tub has square corners. Referring to the pictures below, you are trying to measure the distance of (C). You'll want to measure where the curve of your hot tub begins (Z) to where the imaginary square corner would meet (Y). The easiest way to take this measurement is with a carpenter's square (see the second picture below), although you can also use two rulers.


If you have a Jacuzzi J-400 or J-500 series model, you'll need to order a special cover to account for its unique design and shape. Jacuzzi's ProLast™ and ProLast Extreme™ covers usually come stock with these models and are a guaranteed perfect fit.




Since a circular hot tub has equal length and width, you'll only need to take one measurement for this step. Measure the width across the center of your hot tub using a tape measure and add 1 inch.


Tip: Place one end of the tape measure in a single location and extend the other end across the middle of your hot tub. With the first end in place, move your end side to side 6" and compare the measurements- take the largest one.



Length and width

Measure the length and width across your hot tub using a tape measure. Add 1 inch to each measurement. Measure the distance between two of the corner points.


Measuring the Skirt

The cover skirt is the flap of extra material that hangs off the edge of the cover. The skirt protects your hot tub finish and prevents the wind from moving or opening your cover. The skirt should come down about ½ inch below the acrylic edge of your hot tub. If you have a ledge around your hot tub, measure from the top of the tub acrylic to the ledge and subtract ½ inch.


A skirt that is too long will bunch and can prevent the cover from laying flat on your hot tub. For measuring your cover skirt, it is better to be a little shorter than too long.



Taking accurate measurements for your hot tub cover is not too difficult with the proper knowledge and tools. If you follow these steps when taking your own hot tub measurements, you'll be set to order a cover that's the perfect fit.


If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable taking your hot tub's measurements for a new cover, feel free to give us a call at 1-855-873-3882.

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