When to Replace a Hot Tub Cover

When to Replace a Hot Tub Cover
Updated on 10/20/2022

Note: Due to a significant increase in demand, hot tub covers require long lead times: often 3-6 months - this is true with all manufacturers. Beware of promises to do better (unless the cover is already in stock). See our article on cover delays for more information.


Insulating your hot tub is essential to keeping operating costs low, especially in cold winters. Over time your hot tub cover will begin to deteriorate, and in many cases, it can be doing more harm than good and even cost you money. But when is it time to upgrade to a new cover? If you’re wondering whether it’s time to upgrade your hot tub cover, read on. Here are the absolute tell-tale signs that you should order a new hot tub cover.


Your Cover is Heavy

The bulk of a hot tub cover consists of a foam core, which helps keep your hot tub insulated by trapping in warm air. This foam core is wrapped in a plastic vapour barrier, which over time, begins to deteriorate, allowing water to gradually seep in. When the foam core takes on enough water that it begins to feel heavy, it becomes what is referred to as waterlogged.


Water conducts heat nearly 30x faster than air (away from your hot tub). Similar to wearing wet clothes in the cold, it has the opposite effect as intended.


In addition to draining heat from your hot tub, which creates higher heating costs, a heavy cover is difficult to move, can cause damage to your cover lifter, and can eventually become heavy enough to crack into pieces.


Your Cover is “Cupped”

Over time, heavy loads like snow or ice can cause a cover to become misshapen and “cup.” If your hot tub cover has water pooling on the top, it’s a clear indicator of a “cupped” cover. When a hot tub cover is “cupped,” the edges begin to bend upward, and the seal that keeps heat in your hot tub is broken. Even if you can’t see a gap between the shell and cover, the wind will lift it slightly, allowing heat to escape.



While there’s no perfect timing when ordering a new hot tub cover, the sooner you order a replacement when you notice these tell-tale signs of age, the lower your risk of being without a functional cover, and the more you’ll save on electricity. The savings in electricity alone will often offset the cost of a new cover.


If you need a new cover immediately, feel free to check out our list of In-Stock covers or give us a call at 1-855-873-3882.

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