Jacuzzi Hot Tub Filter Filter: 6000-383AJ for Jacuzzi 300, 400 & 500 Series
Filter: 6000-383AJ for... from $84.95
ProClear 60 FT2  Filter Cartridge Designed for Performance REEMAY®  cartridge lasts up to 18 months Twist off cap accommodates PROCLEAR™ Mineral Sanitizer Compatibility: J-310, J-315, J-320, J-325, J-330, J-335, J-340, J-345, J-355, J-360, J-365, J-375, J-385 series (2002+), J-400 & J-500 Series for Jet Pump 1 
Load cartridge for J-400 and J-500 Hot Tubs
Filter: 6473-161 for J... from $25.95 $149.85
ProClarity Disposable Depth Load Cartridge Designed for Performance Microfiber media traps the smallest particles deep in the filter core and does not release them, giving you crystal clear water.  Maintenance-free filter as it is designed to be disposed of and replaced after 4 months. Compatibility: J-415, J-425, J-460, J-465, J-470, J-480, J-495, J-575, J-585 series (2012+)
Debris Attachment Bag for 2012+ Jacuzzi® Models
Debris Attachment Bag ... $43.95
ProClarity Debris Attachment Bag  6570-398 for Jacuzzi Designed for Performance Skimmer debris bag helps the removal of floating insects, leaves, and floating debris. Mesh skimmer bag is 27" wide x 17.25" tall with 11 Clip Holes. Compatibility: J-315, J-325, J-335, J-345, J-355, J-365, J-375, J-385 (2014+) J-415, J-425, J-495 (2012+) J-465, J-470, J-480 (2013+) J-575, J-585 (2015)
Filter Cartridge For Jacuzzi Series
Filter: 6473-157 for J... $90.95
ProClarity 40 FT2  Filter Cartridge Designed for Performance REEMAY®  cartridge lasts up to 18 months Works with ProClarity Disposable Depth Load Cartridge (6473-161) and ProClarity Filter Canister (6473-160) Compatibility: J-415 (2012 Only)J-425 (2012 Only) J-495 (2012 Only) J-465, J-470, J-480, Series (2013+) J-575, J-585 (2015+)
Filter Flosser Filter Flosser
Filter Flosser $50.00
Filter Flosser is a powerful, easy to use tool specifically developed for cleaning cartridge filter systems for pools, spas and industrial applications. This quick and easy to use tool fits into a standard garden house. The unique design saves 50% of water and can be used with any size or type of filter. The curved nozzle design creates a powerful converged spray pattern which generates a unique water & air agitation action that gets deep down between the pleats for fast and thorough cleaning.

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