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Spa Boss Spa Tabs from $22.40
SpaBoss Spa Tabs are used in hot tub sanitation and controls bacteria and algae in hot tub water. Chlorine tablets are simply placed in a floating tablet dispenser to maintain the recommended chlorine residual. Two packs of 2kg for $54.95! Size: 800mg, 2kg
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Spa Boss Restore
Spa Boss Restore $15.95
SpaBoss Restore helps to clean, protect, and restore the shine to your dull vinyl spa or hot tub cover. This product contains an element that helps protect damaging UV light from affecting the appearance of your cover. Simply use SpaBoss Restore a few times throughout the year, applying several light applications, and you will add the proper moisture back into your cover.
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Spa Boss Spa Clear Spa Boss Spa Clear Instructions
Spa Boss Spa Clear $9.90
SpaBoss Spa Clear is a non-toxic formula that adds brilliance back to spa water and restores water clarity. Spa Clear reduces the amount of suspended particles in the water and when used regularly, will reduce chlorine demand. This product should not affect pH readings and should not be used as a sanitizer. Initial Dosage: When the spa has sufficient water, turn on the filtering equipment. Add ½ oz. of Spa Clear per 250 gallons. Do not turn off filter for at least 2 hours. Weekly Maintenance: Add ½ oz. of Spa Clear per 250 gallons of water.  
Spa Boss Energize
Spa Boss Energize $19.85
Spa Boss Energize is part two of the two-part bromine sanitizing system. When combined with Brom-Aid it creates bromine which sanitizes and controls bacteria and algae in your hot tub. When added it starts to disinfect immediately and is completely soluble. The 2 part bromine system does not affect the pH or total alkalinity of the water and is easy to apply. The bromine level in your spa should be maintained between 3-5ppm. Size: 1kg
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Spa Boss Brominating Granules
Spa Boss Brominating G... $21.00
Spa Boss Brominating Granules is a high-quality one step bromine sanitizer for hot tubs. Bromine granules are quick-dissolving, soluble and provide effective bromine sanitization.  Bromine is an alternative for Chlorine. Bromine is can be used over a wider range of pH levels and is more forgiving of many water balance issues.   The bromine level in your spa should be maintained between 3-5ppm.  Size: 700g
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Spa Boss Alka Rise Spa Boss Alka Rise Instructions
Spa Boss Alka Rise $8.00
SpaBoss Alka Rise SpaBoss Alka Rise helps to raise the total alkalinity and increase disinfectant efficiency in your spa and hot tub water.  This SpaBoss product will prevent erratic changes in the pH level in your spa water and prevent any pH Bounce.  If the total Alkalinity is tested low, add Alka-Rise directly to the spa / hot tub water according to the following table. Total Alkalinity: Add Alka-Rise per 250 gallons of spa water: 120-150 None 85 1 ounce 70 2 ounces 55 3 ounces 40 5 ounces 25 7 ounces Size: 1.5lbs

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