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Deluxe Floating Dispenser - Hot Tub Store
Deluxe Floating Dispenser
The importance of regular hot tub maintenance cannot be stressed enough. This dispenser is great for controlling bacteria and algae with the use of your choice of Bromine Tablets or Spa-Tabs. But be aware that chlorine tablets are damaging to hot tubs and may void your warranty. It is safer and better to use granules (How much chlorine do I use?)  
Filter Flosser - Hot Tub Store
Filter Flosser
Filter Flosser is a powerful, easy to use tool specifically developed for cleaning cartridge filter systems for pools, spas and industrial applications. This quick and easy to use tool fits into a standard garden house. The unique design saves 50% of water and can be used with any size or type of filter. The curved nozzle design creates a powerful converged spray pattern which generates a unique water & air agitation action that gets deep down between the pleats for fast and thorough cleaning.
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Smart Bar - Hot Tub Store
Smart Bar
$176.95 $212.95
The SmartBar comes standard with our SmartDrawer for convenient, secure storage. The SmartBar features a slip-resistant surface to keep valuables from shifting. Drinks, phones, glasses and other important items will be within arms reach with the SmartBar. FEATURES & SPECS Installs quickly with two mounting brackets 39" L x 14" W Designed for removable or permanent placement
Acrylic Wine Glass - Hot Tub Store
Acrylic Wine Glass
from $7.95 $27.80
Wine glasses for the hot tub! Each glass is beautifully emblazoned with the Wellness Shop and Jacuzzi logos. Designed for Performance Shatterproof Technology. Great for backyard parties. Made from proprietary, food-safe, pharmaceutical-grade polymer. Reusable and recyclable NOT dishwasher safe. Please hand wash only.
Hooded Wellness Shop Robe - Hot Tub Store
Hooded Wellness Shop Robe
from $99.95 $199.90
Note: As we transition branding for this product, your Robe(s) may come with Wellness Shop or Jacuzzi branding. Never suffer the chill of Canadian winter while running to and from your hot tub again with a comfy Jacuzzi hooded spa robe.  This hooded robe will keep you safe and warm in all climates and weather while looking stylish with the OSFA robe.   
Pre-Filter: First Step Clean-N-Fill - Hot Tub Store
Pre-Filter: First Step Clean-N-Fill
A filter that is connected to the garden hose. It provides an exclusive filtration process (5-stages) through the use of resins that promote ion exchange to produce clear water. The filter is good for three fills each.
Safe-T-Rail II - Hot Tub Store
Safe-T-Rail II
Safe-T-Rail is safe for everyone.   The combination of water and slippery surfaces makes every spa a potential hazard. Safe-T-Rail was invented to ensure that everyone is safe from any potential slips caused by water.Replacement Parts:100150 - Foam Grip FEATURES & SPECS Ultra-sturdy, rust-free construction 5-minute installation Two composite mounting brackets with 8 screws each Slip-free, black foam grip Mounts on virtually any above-ground spa Rust-free powder-coated aluminum This product is a specialty order and delivery will be delayed.  
Spa Caddy - Hot Tub Store
Spa Caddy
Sturdy and versatile, the SpaCaddy is a perfect solution to an age-old problem for spa users. Now, all of the essentials "from food and drinks to reading materials and more "can be placed within easy reach. Makes a great gift for spa lovers! FEATURES & SPECS Sturdy reinforced polymer tray on an aluminum post Swivels toward and away from the spa for easy access Uses one composite mounting bracket with eight screws 27" L x 19" W with a 2-inch diameter pole Quickly mounts on almost any spa View install guide -  https://www.leisureconcepts.com/assets/PDF/Spa-Caddy-Instructions-5-29-13.pdf
Hot Tub Extra Pillow / Head Rest - Hot Tub Store
Hot Tub Extra Pillow / Head Rest
When you're looking for something soft & sturdy, this is the pillow you'll want. Pillow has a weighted end to adjust to any spa, hot tub or bathtub. Also great for the bathtub, beach or sauna.  Pillow Measures about: 14" x 14" x 4" (35.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 10 cm).
Towel Bar - Hot Tub Store
Towel Bar
The smart and convenient way to keep your towels close, clean and dry. TowelBar is one of those deceptively simple products that makes all the difference in spa convenience. It holds towels a short distance away from splashing water and steam and conveniently folds flat against the spa side when not in use. FEATURES & SPECS Folds flat or opens away from the spa to keep towels dry Easy installation
Quick Drain - Hot Tub Store
Quick Drain
from $44.95
Quick Drain - The fastest and easiest way to drain your hot tub!  Quick Drain Features: Easy to use - a few quick shakes to prime it and you're draining Fast - drains average hot tub in just over 30 minutes Safe - requires no electricity, no pumps and no motors 10' hose Flow rate: 10 to 12 gallons per minute (that's about 40 litres per minute) Does not clog Can be used to drain any above groundwater source! Works for hot tubs, swimming pools, pool covers, ponds, kiddy pools, etc   Quick Drain Extension Hose: Purchase the 24' Quick Drain extension hose to direct the water to where you need it to go You can connect multiple extensions together
Spa Vacuum - Hot Tub Store
Spa Vacuum
Description Cleaning your pool or spa is a breeze with the Pool and Spa Vac. Details For Minor Debris: The Spa Vacuum is lightweight and handheld for quick and easy clean-up of minor debris. Manual and Handheld: No chords or batteries needed to operate; this spa vacuum creates suction using pump action. For Spas and Pools: Great to use for maintenance cleaning for spas, hot tubs and pools. Not intended for major cleanups of large debirs. Pump Action: The Spa Vacuum creates suction throgh a simple pump action. Not a high powered, chorded or electrical vacuum. Attachments Included: A wide-end nozzle and brush attachment are included to help reach minor debris in hard to get places like corners. Directions Pull the handle to draw water and debris into the vacuum. Push the handle to release water back into the pool/spa - the debris is trapped inside the vacuums filter.
Hot Tub Weighted Booster Seat - Hot Tub Store
Hot Tub Weighted Booster Seat
Need a boost? No problem! The CAPO Weighted Hot Tub Seat Booster is the answer you've been looking for. Great for those who just want to sit a little higher in their hot tub. Available in : Ivory White Model #903011 Black Model #903021 Also great for the bathtub, beach or sauna.  Pillow Measures about: 14" x 14" x 4" (35.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 10 cm).
Wellness Shop Hot Tub Towel - Hot Tub Store
Wellness Shop Hot Tub Towel
The Wellness Shop Hot Tub Towel is made from 100% cotton. High-quality cotton gives you a luxury feel. Perfect for all hot tub users and makes a fantastic gift.
SwimLife Accessories - Hot Tub Store
SwimLife Accessories
from $2.50
8515054, Pillow Small Wrap 8515055, Pillow waterfall (no image) 6050009, Waterfall with Hp Extension LED HYD2005100, Pillow Clip

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