Jacuzzi Hot Tub Towel $36.50
Jacuzzi Hot Tub Towel – This towel is made from 100% cotton. High-quality cotton gives you a luxury feel. Perfect for all hot tub users and makes a fantastic gift.
UV Disinfectant Wand $495.00
Peace Of Mind For Your Health & SafetyThe Jacuzzi® UV Wand disinfects 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses within seconds.  The Jacuzzi® UV Wand Difference  Mixed Wave™ Technology:  UVC & UVA Doctor Designed No mercury, no glass and built to last 100% Ozone Free & Chemical Free High grade sapphire quartz optics Up to 10 x’s more powerful than other UV wands 2 x’s more LED’s than other LED UV wands Developed and assembled in the USA Full charge in one hour Lifespan: 50,000 hours Solid-state technology One Year Warranty Includes safety goggles, gloves and carrying case The Science of UV Sterilization Harmful germs and bacteria are everywhere.  Now more than ever it’s important to ensure that the space around us is healthy and safe.  Sterilizing hand gels, disinfectant sprays and sanitizing wipes are not enough to ensure a healthy environment.  Many bacteria and viruses are heat, cold and drug-resistant, but they are not resistant to Ultraviolet light (UV).  Emitting both UV-C at 270 – 280nm and UV-A at 380 – 405nm, the Jacuzzi® UV Wand damages the DNA and RNA in bacteria and viruses rendering them harmless.  Using high powered LED’s, the UV Wand allows you to disinfect up to 10x faster than most fluorescent UV devices and the Jacuzzi® UV Wand is up to 2x more powerful than other LED UV devices. As evident by multiple research studies and reports, when biological organisms are exposed to deep UV light in the range of 200 nm to 300 nm, the UV is absorbed by the DNA, RNA, and proteins. Absorption by proteins can lead to rupture of cell walls and death of the organism. Absorption by DNA or RNA (specifically by thymine bases) is known to cause inactivation of the DNA or RNA double helix strands through the formation of thymine dimers. If enough of these dimers are created in DNA, the DNA replication process is disrupted, and the cell cannot replicate. It is widely accepted that it is not necessary to kill pathogens with UV light, but rather apply enough UV light to prevent the organism from replicating.  What is UV light? Ultraviolet (UV) light is a component of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls in the region between visible light and X-Rays. This invisible radiation includes the wavelength range of 100 nm to 400 nm. UV light can be further subdivided and categorized into four separate regions: 100 nm to 200 nmFar UV – These wavelengths only propagate in a vacuum 200 nm to 280 nm UVC – useful for disinfection and sensing 280 nm to 315 nmUVB – useful for disinfection, curing, tanning and medical applications 315 nm to 400 nmUVA (or “near UV”) – useful for disinfection, medical applications, printing, curing, lithography, and sensing Specifications  Size: 14.5” x 1.625” x 1.25” Weight: 6.5 oz Wavelengths: UV-C: 270-280nm / UV-A: 380-405nm Irradiance: 12 mJ / cm2 Voltage: DC 5v / 2A Wattage: 8w Control: 60 minute timer Battery: 2,000 Mah (~90 mins of continuous use) Color: Black Warranty: One Year
Red Light Therapy for ... from $599.00
When combined, powerful red light (660nm) and near-infrared (850nm) wavelengths can offer you an effective, therapeutic experience. Wavelengths are sent throughout the entire body to reduce oxidative stress while simultaneously stimulating the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This process is known as Photobionmodulation and can add measurable energy to the mitochondria of your cells, which can result in improvements such as reduced pain, rejuvenated skin and tissue regeneration. Jacuzzi® Light Therapy uses powerful medical-grade LEDs to deliver the optimal wavelengths to the body without adding excess heat. Our technically superior arrays are comprised of 70 red light LED’s in the 650 nm range and 70 near-infrared LED’s in the 850 nm range.  The superior output of the Jacuzzi® Light Therapy Tower sets it apart producing up to 110 MW/cm2. This unit is the most powerful and effective light therapy unit. Jacuzzi® Light Therapy can be used while seated in the sauna or while standing in front of the tower which concentrates it’s healing power on targeted areas of the body. Compatible: Jacuzzi® Sanctaury & Premier Saunas Red Light Therapy is currently on pre-order, expected delivery arriving end of March.
Sauna Moveable Ergonom... $85.00
All Jacuzzi® Sauna models can accommodate a portable backrest for added comfort and support during your sauna session. Designed by Dr. Raleigh Duncan, a Chiropractic Physician and our Founder, this is another added level of comfort to an already amazing experience. Only available in basswood. 
MicroSalt Therapy Salt... $179.95
Designed to ease breathing discomfort and promote healthy skin, halotherapy or salt therapy is a holistic treatment that mimics the environment and climate of natural salt caverns. Deep-rooted in ancient healing practices, halotherapy has become a popular spa treatment that thanks to the halotherapy generator is making its way into the average home.  Includes 50 Salt Replacement Sticks  
Halo Microsalt Capsules $90.00
Microsalt SaltProX uses specially portioned salt sticks that contain the optimal dose of dry, high-grade salt for one application. The quantity contained in the sticks is designed for the maximum recommended application duration of one hour. 30 portioned sticks.
Sanctuary 300W Upgrade... $999.00
Extra Heater Upgrade for Sanctuary Saunas  This product is currently out of stock and shipping will be delayed. 
Sold out
MircoSalt Magnet Repla... $90.00
Replacement set for Microsalt Therapy Machine
MicroSalt Therapy $3,995.00
Designed to ease breathing discomfort and promote healthy skin, halotherapy or salt therapy is a holistic treatment that mimics the environment and climate of natural salt caverns. Deep-rooted in ancient healing practices, halotherapy has become a popular spa treatment that thanks to the halotherapy generator is making its way into the average home.  There is currently a 4-month delay on the MicroSalt Therapy Machine.  Read more about salt therapy here - https://www.jacuzziontario.com/halotherapy/ This can be hung on the inside wall of your sauna or used in any other small, confined space, so you can breathe easy and soak in the benefits of halotherapy. With its invisible grinding technology, Microsalt SaltProX generates a particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality, which then spreads in the entire cabin. Because of the friction of the individual salt crystals, these are crushed to a very fine powder and get also negatively charged. The resulting ionization of individual salt particles boosts the distribution in the room and thus also the cleaning of the air, which is constantly in touch with the airways and the skin. When inhaling, these fine salt particles – unlike with conventional salt applications – spread across the entire respiratory system, from the nose, the sinuses, the throat to the extreme lung areas, and can have an expectorant effect here.  

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