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SpaGuard® Stain and Scale - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Stain and Scale
Stain & Scale Control Prevents scale formation and cloudy water due to high calcium levels Removes some scale build-up on spa surface, preventing damage to surfaces and circulation systems Removes relatively fresh metal stains from spa surfaces Size: 500ml
SpaGuard® Spa Lite - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Spa Lite (Pack of 13)
Spa Lite box of 13 packets Removes undesirable compounds and eliminates odours Clarifies water, making it sparkle No measuring needed with pre-measured pouch Easy to use granules Will not cloud water
SpaGuard® Filter Brite® - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Filter Brite®
Breaks down oils and dirt embedded in filter's fabric Helps keep water clear by promoting better filtration Fast-acting, easy to use 100g
SpaGuard Chlorinated Granules - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard Chlorinated Granules
Chlorinating Granules. For Spas and Hot Tubs Controls bacteria and algae in spa water. Concentrated granules Quick dissolving Near neutral pH, keeping water balance maintenance low Chlorinating Granules should be added directly to spa water while the pump is running 800 Grams
SpaGuard® Anti-Foam Concentrate - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Anti-Foam Concentrate
Anti-Foam For use with all sanitizer types. For use in all spas and hot tubs Quickly eliminates any surface foam caused by undesirable compounds and detergents Size: 500ml
SpaGuard® Polysheen - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Polysheen
Polysheen® Helps clear cloudy water Does not affect pH Combines small particles into larger ones for easier filtration Size: 475ml 
SpaGuard® Balance Pak® 100 - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Balance Pak® 100
Balance Pak® 100 Eliminates "œpH bounce"by balancing total alkalinity Helps to prevent equipment and surface corrosion and damage Easy to use, dissolves quickly
SpaGuard® Optimizer Plus - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Optimizer Plus
Optimizer Plus® Protects spa's heater with built-in corrosion inhibitors Gives water a soft and silky feel Has a pleasant fragrance Size: 800g
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SpaGuard® Refresh All Natural Enzymes - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Refresh All Natural Enzymes
Size: 1L Reduces scum-line build-up Improves filtration Reduces unpleasant odors Helps keep spa water clear Low once a week dose
SpaGuard® Lo N Slo - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Lo N Slo
Lo n Slo® Lowers the pH Protects spa and equipment due to improper pH Prevent cloudy water due to high pH Balances water for bather comfort Size: 1.25kg
SpaGuard® Spa Sentry - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Spa Sentry
Spa Sentry  Spa Sentry is an easy, one-step liquid for maintaining a stable, comfortable pH and softening your hot tubs water. It makes balancing the water extremely simple, eliminating the need for many other water balancing treatments you may currently be using. Size: 1L
SpaGuard® Balance Pak® 300 - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Balance Pak® 300
Balance Pak® 300 Prevents corrosion of equipment due to low calcium hardness Prevents etching of plaster due to low calcium hardness 900g 
SpaGuard® Balance Pak® 200 - Hot Tub Store
SpaGuard® Balance Pak® 200
Raises the pH Protects equipment from corrosion due to low pH Balances water for bather comfort 1kg

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