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Sunrise/Celebrity Jets - Hot Tub Store
Sunrise/Celebrity Jets
from $1.95
R6017321 - Cluster Large Face - Directional R6017312 - Mini Storm Jet Face - Directional R6017326 - Cluster Neck Jet, 100% Shut-off Large Face DSG/PS Replaced by stainless steel version R6017127 (below) R6017127 Cluster Neck Jet, 100% Shut Off – Large Face DSG/StainlessR3035406 - Cluster Neck Jet Body 3/4"³ RB   R3035400 - Cluster storm jet body: 3/8" Air x 3/4" RB water (#228-1558SGLN) (nut and gasket not included)R3035814 - Nut for R3035400 (#23422-000-040)R3035741 - Gasket for R3035400 (#806-0060) R6017305 - Cluster Storm Directional Jet 2-1/4" - DSG/PS (#243-1679SMDSGPS)
Celebrity Air Valve and Knob - Hot Tub Store
Celebrity Air Valve and Knob
from $5.95
Air valve and knob for the Celebrity C-78 and C-84 hot tub. Also used in Sunrise (and other) hot tubs.   R3035164, Handle (knob), S-Style, DSG, fits Sure Grip Mounting system (alternative part number #662-2169-DSG) R3035160, Air Control, Sure Grip Mounting System (SGMS) and TT Cap (alternative part number #668-0009LH-TT)    
Poly Storm Jets - Hot Tub Store
Poly Storm Jets
from $20.22
*These products are special order - please expect an additional delay receiving these parts. 4-60-WW212-8017, Poly Storm Roto 5-Point Scallop Grey: 3-3/8" diameter (discontinued -- limited stock) Nordic Hot Tubs Compatible Jets (2013-2018) 102227, Poly Storm Swirl Threaded Roto Jet (DSG): 3-5/8" diameter 102236, Poly Storm Revo Massage Jet: 3-5/8” diameter face. Stainless Steel Multi Port Spinner Manufactured by Waterway Sunrise Compatible Jets R6017108 - Poly Storm Internal Directional Jet (DSG): 3-3/4" Stainless Steel
Balbo Skimmer Weir and Lid - Hot Tub Store
Balbo Skimmer Weir and Lid
from $41.95
Note: This item is special order. Please ensure this is the correct part as it is non-refundable and non-cancellable. Due to industry-wide supply change issues, this item may take a long time to arrive. R3045498, Balboa Skimmer / Filter - Weir Door R3045499,  Weir Lid in block without cupholders or logos
M-Class Gecko Controller - Hot Tub Store
M-Class Gecko Controller
  Topside : LCD Display, includes overlay( 2 Pump + Blower) Replaces: Arctic TSC-14, Sunrise TSC-56, Dynasty TSC-52 Model TSC-8/K-8 
Celebrity Valve
Please note: There are other part selections. Please do not purchase this part unless you know it is required. You may speak with our team to identify the part that you need. R3035150, Diverter cap and stem
Jet Assemblies: Cluster Storm for Sunrise Spas
Jet Assemblies: Cluster Storm for Sunrise Spas
*This product is special order - please expect an additional delay receiving this part. Cluster Storm Jet Body, SGMS (Sure Grip Mounting System) Product Code: R3035390 #228-2418 3/8" Air x 3/4" Water
Balboa TP600 Topside Overlay
Topside Overlay (Jets 1, Aux, Flip) for Balboa TP600 Details Product Code: R6021707

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