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ClearRay Replacement Bulb - Hot Tub Store
ClearRay Replacement Bulb
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The ClearRAY system uses UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens, rendering them useless. ClearRAY will also help reduce the amount of sanitizer you use in your hot tub, providing you with clean, fresh clear water. For the cleanest, softest water possible. No more drying out, no more red-eye.  The ClearRay bulb needs to be replaced once a year. Detailed instructions on replacing your ClearRay bulb can be found here.   Replacement recommended every 12 months. 
Quartz Tube - Hot Tub Store
Quartz Tube (part only)
Replacement quartz tube for all years of Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs & Sundance® Spas
Complete 230V ClearRay Units - Hot Tub Store
Complete 230V ClearRay Units
6472-722, 3rd Generation UV Unit, 240V 50/60Hz, AMP Connector, Fits all J-500, 2016+ J-400, 2016+ J-300 (240V), 2018+ J-200 (240V) and 2018+ J-100 (240V) Spas. 6472-726, 3rd Generation UV Unit, 240V 50/60Hz, DSMT Connector, Fits all 2015 and earlier J-400, 2015 and earlier J-300 (240V), 2017 and earlier J-200 (240V), and 2017 and earlier J-100, and all JLX series spas 
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6000-374 - Compression Washer for Quartz Seal Nut 6472-841 - Replacement UV Sanitizer Bulb (Yearly Replacement Req'd) 6472-859 - Replacement UV Sanitizer Quartz Tube 6000-444 - Ballast: UV unit for 240V AMP *special order 6000-449 - Ballast: UV unit for 230V DSMT *special order
AquaNova Replacement Bulb
AquaNova Replacement Bulb
Replacement UV bulb only* for AquaNova UV/Ozone system found in Celebrity Hot Tubs. The AquaNova UV/Ozone system requires a replacement bulb every 10,000 hours or when the bulb has burnt out.The system light will flash yellow after 10,000 hours or red if it's non-operational (e.g. bulb has burned out).
Complete 230V ClearRay Units - Hot Tub Store
Complete 120V ClearRay Units
6472-728, 3rd Generation UV Unit, 120V 60Hz, AMP Connector, Fits all 2016+ J-300 Convertible models and 2018+ J-200/J-100 convertible models (North America) 6472-721, 3rd Generation UV Unit, 120V 60Hz, DSMT Connector, Fits all J-300 Convertible models 2015 and older, and J-200/J-100 convertible models 2017 and older (North America) Replaces all 1st and 2nd Generation 120V units.

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