ProLast Extreme Cover for J-470
Hot Tub Cover for J-470
J-470 ProLast Extreme Cover
J-470 ProLast Extreme Cover
ProLast Extreme Cover for J-470
Hot Tub Cover for J-470
J-470 ProLast Extreme Cover
J-470 ProLast Extreme Cover

J-470 ProLast Extreme Cover

  • Grey
  • Sienna
  • Black
Before installation access to your hot tub will be provided.
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Customizations Total: $0.00

Delivery & Install includes installation of your new cover, and the removal and disposal of your old cover. Available to Southern Ontario residence only (see Delivery Zone in next step).

Pickup/Delivery Total:

Total: $1,295.00

Before ordering your cover, please make sure to confirm your hot tub model to ensure proper fit. Covers are specially ordered and ineligible for cancellation/return/refund.

If you purchased your hot tub with us, you can contact our customer care team for this info.

** Please see delivery times below.

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Delivery Times

Estimated delivery times for ProLast Extreme covers is currently unpredictable. Cover orders can take 3-12+ months.

Covers are custom ordered and cannot be cancelled/returned/refunded. Our team cannot provide an ETA, however, we have hundreds of covers in stock.

You can reach out to us to find out if we have your cover in stock.

The Jacuzzi ProLast Extreme Cover Advantage

Made for Canadian Winters 🇨🇦

Foam Density

2lb/sq foot

better insulation

3 years

longer lasting

5" - 3"

made for the cold

6 + 2

grab it anywhere


fade resistant



Why Replace Your Cover

Canadian winters are cold, and insulating your hot tub is essential to keeping operating costs low. Using an old hot tub cover can cost you money, but when should you upgrade to a new cover? If you wonder if it might be time to upgrade your cover, here are the absolute tell-tale signs that you should put your order in now.


Hot tub covers have a foam core that traps in warm air and provides insulation from the cold. However, hot tub covers become heavy when that foam core is water-logged, and this dramatically reduces the insulation effect. While the foam core is wrapped in a plastic vapour barrier, it breaks down over time. When water seeps in, it causes rapid heat loss because water conducts heat (away from your hot tub) 30x faster than air.


Your cover is designed to sit directly on top of the hot tub shell and create a seal to help hold heat in. Over time, as covers become misshapen, water pools on the top of one or both sides.

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