Hot Tub Store Brings Sutro's Game-Changing Smart Monitor to Canada

Hot Tub Store Brings Sutro's Game-Changing Smart Monitor to Canada

Sutro's Revolutionary Smart Monitor Hits Canadian Hot Tub Market - Only at Hot Tub Store


The Sutro Smart monitor is a game-changing device that automatically tests your spa or pool water multiple times daily (with industry-leading accuracy) and sends the results and recommendations to your smartphone. Until now, the Smart Monitor has been solely available to the United States; however, over the past several months, the teams at Hot Tub Store and Sutro have been hard at work bringing the revolutionary device to the Canadian market.


About Sutro

Founded in 2012, Sutro was formed with the mission of taking the hassle out of maintaining clean, safe water in your spa or pool, so you can focus on enjoying them. The Smart Monitor is a water testing robot that floats in your spa or pool and takes automatic readings for pH, free chlorine (or bromine), and Alkalinity three times per day; the testing is done using industry-leading reagents for the most accurate readings on the market. Test results are sent to your smartphone, along with personalized recommendations to keep your water at its healthiest levels.


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About Hot Tub Store

Started in 2015, Hot Tub Store was created to bring hot tub products and accessories from the industry’s most trusted and premium brands at the best prices. Hot Tub Store is also backed by the expertise of decades of combined experience.


Hot Tub Store’s product lineup includes:

  • Water Care Products
  • Filters
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Covers
  • Infrared Therapy
  • Salt Therapy


Exclusively distributing premium brands, customers can expect the highest quality products in the industry from brands such as Jacuzzi, Sundance Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs, Hydropool, Leisure Concepts, SpaBoss, SpaGuard, and more.


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The Sutro Smart Monitor is available now to all Canadian residents, only at Hot Tub Store. A subscription is required at the time of purchase, which covers ongoing replacement test cartridges. Stop spending precious time checking and guessing your water care, and achieve the safest results with the Sutro Smart Monitor.

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