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Hot Tub Cover Clips - Hot Tub Store
Hot Tub Cover Clips
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Keep your hot tub cover secure with cover clips! Simply remove old clips and slide the new one in. No stitching is required. Instructions: Replacing Hot Tub Cover Clips 4 clips in a pack. 6475-004 - Most Popular 6475-000 - Secondary Style
Jacuzzi Restore 650mL - Hot Tub Store
Jacuzzi Restore 650mL
Restore the brilliance to your vinyl cover and keep it looking brand new with Jacuzzi Restore. Can be used on synthetic cabinets as well. Jacuzzi Restore protects and beautifies your spas' vinyl cover.  Contains UV inhibitor.  Size: 650mL
Clean & Perfect (Natural Chemistry) - Hot Tub Store
Clean & Perfect (Natural Chemistry)
SMARTZyme technology makes Natural Chemistry Clean & Perfect the perfect indoor/outdoor cleaner. It cleans even the toughest grease, dirt and grime with ease, yet won't harm any hard surface. Removes grease, grime, soot, residue from mildew, waterline rings, leaf stains, and dead insects. Eliminates the strongest odours on contact even pet accidents. Ideal for uses on Hot Tub covers! Size: 710ml 
303 Outdoor Cleaner - Hot Tub Store
303 Outdoor Cleaner
Keep your hot tub cabinet or cover looking like new with this amazing multi-surface cleaner from 303 products.  303 Multi-Surface Cleaner quickly removes even the most stubborn spots from coffee, oil, grease and ink from virtually any material or surface. This all-in-one cleaning solution can be used on everything from vehicle interiors, RV awnings especially hot tub covers. Safe to use anywhere in your car, motor home or other places where vinyl, fabrics and surfaces are in need of intensive cleaning. Perfect for everyday cleaning and as a powerful cleaning agent to remove tough grease, stains and spots Safe on all water-safe surfaces 303 Multi Surface Cleaner is recommended by Sunbrella. This product is solvent and dye free and is designed to clean all water safe synthentic, natural and delicate fabrics. Safely brightens, protects and rejuvenates surfaces. Contains no caustics or acids. Made in the U.S.A.
Cover Cap - Hot Tub Store
Cover Cap
from $114.95
The Cover Cap is made from tough, durable woven polyethylene and is designed to protect your spa or spa cover during the harsh winter months. When the spa is closed for the winter, the Cover Cap with a 38"skirt fits over the rigid cover and is long enough to cover the sides of the spa skirt. The Cover Cap is complete with nylon loops sewn into the hem and rope to secure it for the winter. When the spa is running all winter then the Cover Cap with a 12"skirt and elastic sewn into the hem, fits easily over the rigid spa cover to protect it from the winter elements. Note: The Cover Cap 8' x 10' x 38" item, has been discontinued.
CoverMate Replacement Shocks - Hot Tub Store
CoverMate Replacement Shocks
from $33.75
101632 Locking replacement shock for CoverMate 3  101510 Non-locking replacement shock for CoverMate 3
CoverMate 3 Replacement Parts - Hot Tub Store
CoverMate 3 Replacement Parts
from $16.88
Has your cover lifter from Cover Mate become damaged or ruined? We have replacement parts that can restore your cover lifter and have it working properly again. Individual part information and descriptions are below:  Pivot Arm - This arm is 31"and is a direct replacement of your original bar. The pivot arm is the bar that connects the cover lifter to the bracket mounted to the hot tub. 38" Extended Pivot Arm for CoverMate III 48" Extended Pivot Arm for CoverMate III Right and Left Support Bar - direct replacement of the original right or left arm Coupler - direct replacement of the original coupler Plastic Screw Kit - has all the screws, bolts, and plastic screw caps you need completely replace currently broken or misplaced parts.  Left and Right Plastic Bracket - direct replacement of the original bracket DeckMount L Bracket - Bracket kit is used to mount the Leisure Concepts CoverMate III cover lifter to your deck Small Black Dome Caps - Package of 50
CoverMate 1 Replacement Parts - Hot Tub Store
CoverMate 1 Replacement Parts
from $16.00
Has your cover lifter become damaged or ruined? We have replacement parts that can restore your cover lifter and have it working properly agian. Individual part information and descriptions are below:  Pivot Arm - Length: 26"; Direct replacement for the original bar on the CoverMate I - Part # 100004 Extended Pivot Arm - Length: 33"; Direct replacement for extended arm on the CoverMate I - Part # 100591 Support Arm - Direct replacement for support arm on the CoverMate I Coupler - Direct replacement for coupler on the CoverMate I and CoverMate 3 Plastic Bracket Kit - The Bracket Kit includes the Plastic Left & Right Brackets, and Screw Kit. Plastic Bracket - This is the replacement plastic bracket - Part # 100021 Plastic Screw Kit - All the screws, bolts and plastic screw caps to completely replace broken or misplaced parts you may need on your CoverMate 1 cover lifter.  Foam Grip - Part # 100002  
Covermate 3 Parts (J435, J445, J465, J470, J475, J480, J485, J495) - Hot Tub Store
Covermate 3 Parts (J435, J445, J465, J470, J475, J480, J485, J495)
from $0.85
Please note: Covermate III parts may not be in stock at time of order Compatibility: Covermate III for J435, J445, J465, J470, J475, J480, J485, J495 100002 - 1x Foam Grip100003 - Coupler100028 - Right Support Arm 100029 - Left Support Arm 101632 - Replacement Shock (Locking)101520 - Replacement Shock (Non-Locking) 100280 - 38" Extender Pivot Arm Find the installation instructions for your Covermate III here.
Smartop Hinge Bridge Kit - Hot Tub Store
Smartop Hinge Bridge Kit
Composed of 2 aluminum tracks that are riveted into the boards of your  Smartop cover for the length of the hinge. A rubberized strip is then inserted into these tracks. Compatible with Smartop Covers 2013 and older and suitable for covers with the foam hinge tape or the non-foam hinge tape Model # 101680

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