5 Signs your Water's in Trouble

5 Signs your Water's in Trouble

At some point during your time as a hot tub owner, you may encounter some water issues. Most of these issues, if caught early, are easy to clear up; the longer they're left untreated, the more difficult it becomes. While a good water care routine will help you avoid these issues, we're here to make sure you're prepared and know what to look for if you do. It doesn't take long for bacteria and algae to start multiplying when sanitizer levels drop too low - even if it's briefly.

With any water care issue you encounter, you'll follow a similar process for trying to fix it:

  1. Clean your filters
  2. Test your water and adjust - usually increasing sanitizer levels
  3. Shock your water
  4. Repeat if needed. Drain and re-fill water if too stubborn.

Here are 5 common water care issues:

Smelly Water

One of the biggest indicators something is wrong with your water is smell. If it smells off there may be bacteria that needs clearing up. The chlorine smell most of us are familiar with actually happens when there's not enough chlorine.

Solution: Clean your filter(s), then test your water. You'll likely need to increase your sanitizer (chlorine/bromine) levels and add some shock (oxidizer).

Cloudy water

Cloudy water can happen for a few reasons, but in any case there's an underlying issue. Most of the time it's due to low sanitizer levels, but other common issues include: high pH, dirty filters, and organic contaminants (body oils, cosmetics, etc.).

Solution: Clean your filter(s), then test your water and adjust accordingly. If everything looks balanced, add some shock.

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Green Water

Green water almost always indicates algae, which is usually a result of low sanitizer levels. On some rare occasions, it may be due to copper levels.

Solution: Clean your filter(s), then test your water. After balancing, brush up any algae from the seats, floors and walls of the tub, then add shock. Finally, we recommend adding some additional sanitizer and running your pumps with the cover open for 20 minutes.

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White Flakes

If you spot white flakes in your spa, it's usually calcium scale from hard water. Occasionally it may be biofilm.

Biofilm is a stubborn group of bacteria that attach to hard surfaces. Signs of biofilm often include odour, large flakes, and discoloured slimy water.

Calcium or Biofilm: Quick Test

  1. Fill a cup with the flaky water
  2. Add 1/2 tsp of bleach and stir
  3. Wait 30 minutes

If the flakes have dissolved, you're dealing with biofilm.

Calcium Solution: You can prevent most calcium scale by using a stain and scale controller. We recommend anyone with hard water add a stain & scale controller to their routine.

Biofilm Solution: If you have biofilm, you'll almost always need to clean, drain, and refill your spa. It is critical you use a plumbing cleaner like Ahh-some to remove any biofilm in the tub lines.

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Foamy Water

Foamy water can happen for several reasons, the most common being low sanitizer levels and a buildup of soaps or body oils.

Solution: Bathing suits are usually the primary source of soap, which you can try rinsing before using. Adding a bit of shock to your spa after each use will help break down body oils. Many people use floating bobbles like Zorbie to absorb soap and oils. While it won't fix underlying issues, a defoamer can clear up foam in a pinch.

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