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J-LX & J-LXL Series Skimmer Shield Parts (2011+) - Hot Tub Store
J-LX & J-LXL Series Skimmer Shield Parts (2011+)
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6570-381, Grill: Jacuzzi 2011 6570-119, Grill: Left Lift Hinge Kit (For 6570-381 Grill) 6570-071, Grill: Right Lift Hinge Kit (For 6570-381 Grill) 6570-061, Magnetic Latch Plate (For 6570-381)  6570-116, Strike plate for 6570-061 6570-122, Clip: (Two Required for 6570-381 Grill) 6570-220, Screw 8-32 x 3/8" PHP Nylon (Two Req'd for 6570-061 Magnetic Latch)  6570-219, Nut: 8-32 x 3/8" Hex Nylon (Two Req'd for 6570-061 Magnetic Latch) 
Skimmer Hook Attachment
Skimmer Hook Attachment
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6570-250, Catch: Shield attachment on spa shell J-495, J-425, J-415 2012+ All J-400 & J-500 series hot tubs 2013+ All J-300 & J-200 series hot tubs 2006+     6570-251, Hook: Shield attachment on skimmer shield All J-300 & J-200 series hot tubs 2006+     6570-397, Hook: Shield Attachment J-495/J-425/J-415 2012+ All J-500 & J-400 series hot tubs 2012+  
400 Series Skimmer Weir - Hot Tub Store
400 Series Skimmer Weir
from $20.95
Replacement floating skimmer weir. Compatibility:  2006-2011: All J-400 Series Hot Tubs 2006-2012: J-480, J-470, J-465   6000-625, Skimmer: Weir Long 6540-845, Weir: Float J-400 (Attaches to Skimmer Weir) 2540-049, Basket: Skimmer J-400 6000-579, Vent Ring, Hi-Flow Cartridge Filter 20069-001, Long Canister: 23.5" with Nut (Fits J-480, J-470, And 5/07+ J-465 Models); Weir Purchased Separately Above 6541-189, Short Canister: 18.5" with Floating Weir And Nut (Fits J460 and 1/07- 4/07 J-465 Models)
J-200/J-100 Skimmer Assembly
J-200/J-100 Skimmer Assembly
from $16.95
Notice: Not all parts may be in stock. Compatibility: 2005+ J-200 Series 2015+ J-100 Series A1. 6000-741, Weir - This model has been discontinued, replaced by 6541-017 A2. 6541-017, Weir: EL Filter Assembly, 11/16/17+B.    6000-740, BasketC.    Replacement filter PRB50-IN or PRB25-IND.    6541-016, Canister Assembly with Nut (also compatible with 2018+ Sundance 680 series hot tubs except Tacoma)E.    6000-128, Double O-Ring, 6.77" I.D. EDPM
Sundance Weir Gate Assembly - Hot Tub Store
Sundance Weir Gate Assembly
Please note: This item is ordered on-demand and is not in stock or eligible for a refund. 6540-882, Complete Sundance weir assembly (gray) Compatibility: 980 Series: 2015+ 880 Series: 2006+ 780 Series: 2006+ Select Series: 2011-2018
Balbo Skimmer Weir and Lid - Hot Tub Store
Balbo Skimmer Weir and Lid
from $41.95
Note: This item is special order. Please ensure this is the correct part as it is non-refundable and non-cancellable. Due to industry-wide supply change issues, this item may take a long time to arrive. R3045498, Balboa Skimmer / Filter - Weir Door 5530046,  Weir Lid in block without cupholders or logos
J-200/J-300 Skimmer Shields (2002-2012) - Hot Tub Store
J-200/J-300 Skimmer Shields (2002-2012)
from $319.95
Jacuzzi J-200 Series Skimmer Shields These parts are non-refundable and are custom ordered (not in stock). Delivery times are not guaranteed. Ensure you select the correct colour to match your hot tub. If your colour is no longer available, you can purchase a universal grey.   Note: Skimmer shield with a "notched" bottom are no longer available (used in 2007-mid 2008 hot tubs), however, these shields will replace them.   9802-112: Platinum     
Epoxy: Plastic Weld - Hot Tub Store
Epoxy: Plastic Weld
Epoxy: Plastic Weld (25 ml), Note: Epoxy is used to attach specific Grill, Hook and Catch to shell or skimmer shield
J-400 Series Filter Bag Canister - Hot Tub Store
J-400 Series Filter Bag Canister
from $5.00
Keep your hot tub clean and free of debris wih this Filter Bag Canister. NOTE: These items may not be available at the time of order.  Delays may occur.  Please contact us for availability. Compatibility:   2012: J-480, J-470, J-465 & J-460 Hot Tubs All 2006-2011 models 1a. 20071-001, Long Canister: 23.5”. Assembly with Lid for ProPolish Filter Bag (Fits J-480, J-470 And 5/07+ J-465 Models)  Replaced by: 6541-190 below (Requires new filter: 2540-384) 1b. 6541-190, Short Canister: 21.25”. Assembly with Lid for ProPolish Filter Bag (Fits J-460 And 1/07- 4/07 J-465 Models) 2. 6000-623, Lid Only for ProPolish Canister 3. 6540-386, Adapter, 1/4” MPT x 3/8” Barb For Bleeder Line (Not Shown)
Skimmer Shields
Skimmer Shields
from $384.95
Note: These shields are not held in stock. Your order will be delayed. These parts are special order and non-refundable.   For colours see: Jacuzzi Colour Codes   J-LX Series  9802-712 - Platinum Colour  J-300 Series  9802-212, Platinum Colour  2013+ J-400/2015+ J-500 9802-462, Midnight (excluding J-495) 9802-412, Platinum J-300 Series 2002-2007  9802-112, Platinum Colour 
J-200 Skimmer Assembly - Hot Tub Store
J-200 Skimmer Assembly
from $43.95
Not all parts may be in stock. Compatibility: 2005-2008 J-230 2005-2008 J-220 2005-5/2009 J-210 373042, Filter Canister Assembly Complete 6000-628, Skimmer: Lily Pad, Floating Weir 6000-719, Basket: Standard Plate, R17
Screws for Hinges
Screws for Hinges
Sundance 880 Series Filter Covers - Hot Tub Store
Sundance 880 Series Filter Covers
Note: These parts may not be in stock and therefore delivery may be delayed. Note: These parts are final sale and cannot be cancelled or returned.   Sundance filter covers for the 880 series. If you are unsure of your hot tub shell colour, please contact us with your serial number (use the link at the bottom of the website or the chat button at the bottom right). The most common colours are midnight and platinum.   Compatibility: Marin & Cambria: Feb 2020+ Aspen, Maxxus, Optima, Cameo, Altamar, Capri: January 23, 2019+
SwimLife Faceplate and Weir - Hot Tub Store
SwimLife Faceplate and Weir
Replacement SwimLife faceplate.  
Skimmer Sheild Parts - Hot Tub Store
Skimmer Sheild Parts
6570-384, Grill: Weir Assembly with Hinged Weir Gate, J-400 (Fits All 2013+ J-400 Models, All 2012+ J-495, J-425, J-415 Models, All 2015+ J-585, J-575 Models)

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